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nothappy 01-28-2017 01:10 PM

GLC 250d AMG Line - poor quality control and design flaws.
I have owned my GLC 250d AMG Line since April 2016 and was very happy initially with my choice of car until i started to notice several annoying design faults and/or poor quality control.

1) In cooler conditions < 7c front tyres grind on tyre wall making a terrible noise causing crabbing.
2) At speed, driving over small imperfections in the road surface the car is thrown off line as if the run flat tyre walls are too stiff.
3) Driving at speed in bends you have to often take two bites at the steering
4) Drivers seat positioning forces driver to fall towards centre console or to drivers door, very difficult to sit in the middle of the seat.
5) Sat Nav takes an age to calculate, particularly annoying if you miss a turning as it can take a minute or more to re calculate.
6) Poor climate control always having to control manually for optimum heating.
7) Heating blowers at feet very weak but when you oscillate throw controls speed increases but then decreases when you select final position.
8) when you brake hard and come to a stop its as if the engine overruns
9) Running boards are completely tarnished after just 3 months.

I raised all these points with the main dealer and i am very disappointed with their response. Basically, they said i need winter tyres which is ridiculous at these temps surely the MB have choose the wrong tyres for this vehicle. Steering and sat nav software update but I've noticed no improvement. Everything else they basically dismissed.

Not at all what i expect from a 45k premium vehicle .

NeedForSpeed 01-29-2017 02:25 AM

Not sure what could be done for some of them without a fix coming from Mercedes themselves, especially the nav software problem. Does the grinding sound stop after you've driven it around for a while even in the cold?

Muks 01-29-2017 04:20 AM

The blowers part sounds like the system needs an air on update from MB. My Q5 had a similar issue until an update to control system was made.

nothappy 01-31-2017 12:03 PM

If its cold the grinding sound is always there even after having driven the car for a while.

The tyre wall on these run flats seems too stiff which makes the whole car judder when you go over a bump at speed.

If you are manoeuvring the car into a parking space its sounds terrible the car judders as if its driving on the rims.

The other day i was waiting in the car park for two mins just for the sat nav to initialise let alone calculate the route.

nothappy 01-31-2017 12:06 PM

The entire climate control is one of the worst i have experienced on a prestige car.

I find i am forever having to adjust blowers and temp manually to achieve optimum heating quickly. If you leave it on auto it takes ages to warm up.

I will have to go into the dealer one day and go through these items again in person but i don't have much faith in them.

Klass 01-31-2017 03:37 PM

When did all of these problems start stepping in ??

nothappy 02-01-2017 12:59 PM

The climate control issues i only noticed when temperatures dropped.

Sat Nav was poor from delivery.

Tyres and general ride comfort i noticed when temps dropped.

Running boards after 3 months

Engine overrun in the last two months.

Wooly steering about 3 months after delivery.

nothappy 05-17-2017 02:47 PM

Tyre 'crabbing' issues finally sorted
I just wanted to post an update on what seems to be a very popular subject. There are an awful lot of complaints about poor handling,crabbing, juddering, grinding coming from the wheels at temperatures below 10c.

Having reported this problem (along with a few other problems)to my my local Mercedes Benz dealership (Leigh-on-sea) i was appalled when they told me i need to change to winter tyres during 'cold' temperatures. A few months later my car was due for its first annual service. I decided to take it to Mercedes Benz in Chelmsford instead, who by the way, are so much better in every aspect, will definitely only be using them in future. I told them that this is clearly a design flaw due to the tyre wall being far to stiff which is exasperated in colder conditions and the run flats these cars come with are not fit for purpose. If i knew that i would have to buy a separate set of winter tyres i would not have purchased the car. I suggested they replace all tyres for conventional All Weather tyres and provide a pressurised sealant to allow for the fact there isn't a spare wheel. I also told them that there are an increasing number of complaints appearing and Mercedes need to acknowledge its an error on their part. They discussed this with Mercedes Benz AG and they approved replacement of all tyres to All Weather at no cost to myself. I am pleased to say the problem has disappeared and the drive comfort significantly improved. The weather temperatures have obviously increased but i am very confident this has resolved the problem. I'm so pleased to finally get the right outcome and i can now enjoy my car during the winter months too. Good Luck !

Tony Mac 05-18-2017 05:53 AM

Pleased to hear you found a dealer to fit All Season tyres that have improved the drive quality. MB UK announced back in February that all GLC owners are entitled to receive a free set of all season tyres to help reduce the crabbing fault, but they have had problems sourcing, especially for the 20" & 21" wheels.

Still waiting for replacement 21" tyres for our AMG Line 250d :(

Our GLC still skips, crabs and judders at temps well above 10 degrees when it's wet or damp, even though we are well into May!


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