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  1. Mercedes-Benz GLC General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am a first time Mercedes owner. We recently bought a new 2022 GLC 300 with 360 camera. However, after using it for 2 months, we notice some problems. Dealer says normal to most of these problems. I have a doubt about it. I appreciate experienced owners' input here. 1. The sensor...
  2. GLC Issues & Problems
    Hi All Looking for some advice on the following My wife was 80 miles away from home and upon starting my car was faced with a 48V Battery warning on the driver console and told to consult owners manual. Can't really find much info on it in the manual. Switching the car off and restarting seems...
  3. Myglc300.jpg

    My glc300 4matic amg night package
  4. New Member Introductions
    Based in Portland, Oregon, United States. Just bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2018 GLC300 4MATIC in Lunar Blue with Silk Beige interior. Vehicle has the Premium Package, Multi-Media Package w/ COMAND Navigation, and the Parktronic Package. We love, love, love this car! I joined the community to...
  5. Modifications And Customizations
    Why Install Wheel Spacers for this GLC 300? Wheel spacers are used for various reasons. For decoration reasons, wheel spacers push the wheel out to flush(or past) the fender, achieving an aggressive look. For function reasons, wheel spacers create proper clearance for passing the larger brake...
  6. Mercedes-Benz GLC General Discussion
    Where is the Steering fluid cap location under hood for glc300 early 2017 model ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Mercedes GLC Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Hi there, can someone please advise where I can purchase running boards for my 2016 GLC 300? :giggle: Thanks in advance
  8. Mercedes-Benz GLC General Discussion
    So I recently got into my first accident. So thankful to walk away with just a few bruises. I hydroplaned on the highway, spun, and impacted the center cement wall dividing the opposite flow of traffic. Talk about scary. My two front airbags deployed, no side airbag deployment, you can see the...
1-8 of 8 Results