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1 month and 1000 miles...

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An anniversary of sorts, today I've had my GLC for exactly one month and clocked up a little over 1,000 miles. I've been quite well behaved and driven mostly in "E" mode as recommended by MB.

I recall someone on the forums being advised by the Salesman to "Drive it like you've stolen it" from the start, which made me smile. However, now I'm over to 1k mark I've been indulging myself with Sport + mode.

I'm here to report that the 350D goes like hot sh!t off a shiny shovel. Where in "E" mode gear changes are almost unnoticeable in S+ gear changes are similar to a manual gearbox where you feel the gear changes with a punch, marvellous! It really does throw you back into the seat. I realise it's cousins the GLC43 and GLC63 would beat it to 60, but I think it's a compromise worth making for the type of driving I do, sort of...

Today I did a 20 mile drive, almost half motorway and half country lanes and it averaged 34mpg, which I'm happy with. In fact, very happy with considering it's a 3 litre diesel. No matter how much I convince myself it doesn't matter how many mpg I'm doing, it does bother me and it's best to be honest with yourself :nerd:

I don't regret getting white, my previous car was black and I think black shows the dirt more and is a little more tricky to get clean. I could maybe admit to regret when not ticking the 360 degree camera box, as I think that considering the cost of the car it isn't an expensive option.

I've yet to tow my mobile shed, am due to go on holiday late December so I'll find out then how good it is at towing, which is one of the reasons we decided on a 4x4 SUV.
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Great 1k break in review!

I've always been on the fence about driving new cars carefully, on one hand it's like an unspoken golden rule but I've read that new engine tech these days allows us to ignore this break in period. So mostly just err in the side of caution i suppose.

As for the 360 camera, it is pretty handy for parallel parking but otherwise it doesn't get used all that often.

Can't wait to read your tow review!

I personally don't find the 360 degree camera that good, I would prefer it if the parking sensor lights were on the screen rather than being stuck above the back seats, also would help if they progressively beeped rather than just on red.
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