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1990 300SE

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Hi all, I hope you can advise me....I have a 1990 300se, gasoline, and I LOVE MY MERCEDES. I will be driving that beautiful car for another 10 years, hopefully longer. Had it for 7 years, just drove it from CALI to OKLAHOMA, it floated home. Great on fuel! Okay, here's my issue. First, the console light started blinking, blowing fuse. I changed the fuse, fixed it for awhile. Then my turn signals went out, but my relays work great. My horn went out, but my headlights and break lights work. No fuel gauge, no engine temp, no speedometer, no odometer,, but clock, vacuum, and power seats work. Arrrggghhhh, I love my car, what should I do? Thanks everyone for their thoughts!
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