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1st service

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My 2019 250 petrol had its first service monday, just before dealership closed, noticed after car sounded slightly different and is now giving at least 10% more mpg. No comments about brake wear either.
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The 10% must be a welcome return
I do note that whilst mine (250 petrol) seemed to change after the first 1000mile, the consumption has always been terrible, fortunately, I’m not reliant on everyday use
I’m due first service so ill hold out hope, is the sound better /quieter ?
Sound is just slightly louder, hard to describe, consumption has been pretty terrible up to now as I do mainly short journeys (5500 miles in last year) was showing average of 27.9 mpg, now regularly seeing over 30 mpg so definately an improvement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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