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2016 GLC Bluetooth issues with iPhone 6s

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I have had my GLC almost and year and I love it. But lately I have been having some bluetooth issues and I wanted to see if anyone else has seen anything like this. I have an iPhone 6s running 10.2.1. My phone drops constantly from bluetooth. I can tell because I see it drop off then a few seconds later you see the window showing it is connecting to the phone. At times it reconnects quickly but then there are times when it seems to take almost a minute or so to connect. I will be doing absolutely nothing with the phone, it will just be sitting there on my lap and it will disconnect. There are also times when I will be in the middle of a call and it just drops when it does it will sometimes reconnect and other times it won't. I tried my wife's Audi A4 today and it connected fine and stayed connected (although she also has CarPlay which is much better, why can't we get!!). I looked at Apple forums and have tried unpairing, forgetting the device, resetting my network settings, everything they suggested. I even got a replacement phone and this one seems even worse. I am not sure if it is the car or the phone. I did notice today that my Apple Watch disconnected and reconnected at least once that I saw, so it might just be the phone but it did work fine in the Audi. Anyone having any problems like this?
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