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Hi there,

I am experiencing since some time now the same issue with climate control unit which is not responding. This issue was found on older mercedes cars but not on glc, so far.

The symptoms are the following. Car engine front ventilator is running like it is taking off now, the climate control does not respond to any button press and no lights are on. Also, no cool air is vented inside (hot i do not know because is summer now).

So far, so good.. what things i have done so until now?
1. Checked fuses - everything find
2. Changed 2 climate consoles (130eur on ebay). It works for 300-400km and then bum.

I must say the last climate control stopped working when outside were 19C degrees (cold) and I noticed because the window fogged. Until I stopped the car, the front ventilator were not running so fast but after restart it seems it wants to go to the moon and the console does not respond.

So, what do you think? Does anyone faced it or have a solution?
It is pretty expensive to pay 130eur every 2 days.

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