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2017 (67) GLC 220D AMG, Keyless Start button missing - replacement?

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Hi all

Recently purchased a 2017 GLC 220d AMG line, whilst waiting for delivery I searched up the VIN for the original spec list from factory and found that the car had option #893 KEYLESS START, but noticed that the button is missing upon delivery.

I have seen that you can buy replacement buttons that just slot into the keyway but no real clarification as to whether the generic replacement on ebay will work?

Can anyone advise please?

Kind regards
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Trev Hi, I would go back to the dealer, as someone out there has access to your car. I also think a replacement would need to be coded, as I don't think it would just be plug and play. Ask your dealer if you can 'Borrow' one from a different vehicle and try it first.
Believe the buttons are generic and not car specific, can be bought on the dreaded ebay.
Just wanted to confirm, I bought a generic Mercedes stop start button form ebay for £9.99 inc postage. Plugged it in and worked straight away with no issues.

Thanks all.
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