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2017 GLC 300 Command Screen went black

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After starting my GLC this morning, I realized the screen was black. Also none of the buttons on center console worked except for the climate control. Auto start, command power, and drive mode won’t change or work.

I tried a hard reset (eject button for 15 seconds) and nothing happened. Restarted the car, locked/unlocked... still nothing.

Is this a fuse issue? I really don’t want to take the car in for service I just serviced it. Looking for a quick solution, something I can do myself, or troubleshoot without service.

Please advise thanks.
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I had a similar problem on my 2019 GLC 300. Turns out that the command screen was accidentally turned off. If your car doesn’t have a power button for the console screen, try pressing down on the volume button as that also act as on/off button.
Hi Jonhatan, how did you solve your issue? since yesterday I have the same exact issue.
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