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2018 GLC 220d electrical gremlins

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over the past 3 weeks i have experienced these minor issues :

1. sat nav turned itself off , came back on 10 mins later
2. next day all radio stations had no reception. next day all working fine.
3. a week later the radio was on and all sound was lost. turned engine off and on then radio was working.
4. this week the car would not start from cold. I removed the silver start/stop button from ignition and inserted key into ignition and car started normally.

i put an alternator onto the battery terminal points in the engine bay (not directly onto battery) and it was reading 15-16volts. is this too high ?

any ideas as to what is causing these issues? main dealer said to photo/video these issues then book into workshop.

thanks in advance
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EIS fault has been identified after car failed to start yesterday, and is now at main dealer waiting to be repaired.

DAB radio stations keep cutting out on an intermittent basis - anyone else had this issue or know if there is a solution. The hire car they gave me is an A220D 70reg plate and the radio is excellent.
Mercedes Benz Chelsea have had the car for 4 days and done nothing. i just called parts and the cost is £697.20 + labour £404 , total £1,101.20 Still waiting for car to go into workshop.

hopefully extended warranty will cover it ?
Update - ignition fixed and software update has resolved the radio DAB issue, all covered under warranty.
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