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2019 GLC 300 4matic AMG design package

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First Mercedes; one of first 2019 GLC 300 4matics built, so that was fun. Delivered 8/22/18. I wanted a smaller luxury SUV so performance was a concern. Love the AMG but not my style at this point - too loud. Pleased to see how much performance MB has delivered with the turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine. Sport+ is my favorite but noticeably increases fuel consumption. This is a commute car and all-around car for me. Normally drive in comfort, so easy to switch to sport+ for merging with freeway traffic. Creature comforts better than in our Tesla S but no points for saving the environment. Way too busy at work when it first arrived to do more than learn the basics. I have a little more time now and am enjoying learning the features/commands in more depth. Generally happy with interfaces so far. Adaptive cruise control is very good; albeit not Tesla level. Love blind spot assist, heated and cooled seats, Bermester surround sound well worth it. Sport braking that comes with AMG design package due to larger wheels has been excellent. Cargo floor needs to open in segments to allow access without lifting all cargo. Wanted cargo bars but discontinued I guess between 2018 and 2019. Looking forward to the all-electric Mercedes SUV. I normally keep my cars for a while so by the time I am ready for a new car, that should be a fine-tuned alternative.
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