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2021 GLC 300 Rear Wiper Arm

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I took my car to a car wash, and the rear wiper blade was taken off the car. I didn’t learn until days later. I think it damaged the arm. I spent the last hour trying to find a replacement rear wiper arm or blade and how to replace it. There simply is not any information available on the web. Does somebody know if there is another brand that uses the same arm? Or a link to some drawings for a 2021 GLS 300?
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Hope you worked this out already. I am thinking you probably are looking for the GLC (not GLS) blade. You will find some Auto Parts stores will indicate they have one that will fit but my experience is that in this case you need a genuine Mercedes part. Once you see how it attaches and removes you will be amazed at how simple it is to change. Mine fell off and I could not figure out how to reattach it. I went to the Mercedes dealer, 150 mile round trip, and the parts guy tried to attach it also without luck. They told me I would need to make an appointment for a technician to attach it. What bullshit! I never had so much trouble with any wiper on any vehicle before.

I went to a local (100 mile round trip) independent Mercedes repair shop and he fooled with it for 10 minutes, Went back into his shop to looks at the repair manual and still fussed with it for a few minutes until, by luck he was pressing the correct little tabs that stick out and had it in the right position to go on. Didn't charge me anything, just make a customer out of me if I ever need help. Once you see how easy it is you wonder why everyone was having so much trouble. I even watched you tube videos and still couldn't get it. I find it easy now.

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Hi Chuck,
Thanks, I have scheduled an appt. But I would be very interested to learn how it comes off.
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