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2022 4matic intermittent shimmy on gear shifts

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Started to experience a sudden onset of a shimmy (steering wheel vibration) associated with transmission shifts.
This is a 2022 4matic glc300 bought in 2021, Finland assembly. Started recently at around 4700 miles, now 5000.
The shimmy happens occasionally, starts suddenly, at a slight uphill/downhill inclination or speed changes when gear shifts from 9 to 8 or from 7 to 8. Disappears equally suddenly upon another gear shift. This is not a resonance rolling wheel vibration of the suspension which may happen (in other cars) at certain speeds.
Difficult to reproduce (intermittent), happened several times. Most of the time when in gears 7, 8 and 9 all is smooth.

Is anyone aware of MB service bulletins for this, or how to search for these?
Any known / confirmed causes and remedies of transmission caused shimmy?
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