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4matic & off road

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I have a 2018 GLC 220d Sport and a 2017 GLA 220d Sport. Both are 4matic, but the GLA has options to turn 4WD off I think and certainly has an off road function. I can’t seem to see anything like this for my GLC. Is it just a standard setting??
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4 wheel only on GLC.
From a little read around a couple of weeks ago, I believe A Class uses Haldex so able to ‘turn off’ rear wheel drive. GLC has a centre differential, so permanent AWD, with power distribution shifted around
Not an expert but don't think the power distribution varies, think it is fixed, albeit different ratios on different models.
Cheers all. Assuming the all road/ off road settings are automatic too?
Yes Jamie, you can't change anything manually.
The off-road package includes five different modes, so depends which version you have.
Thanks both. No OffRoad package. So all automatic. Thanks again.
Not an expert but don't think the power distribution varies, think it is fixed, albeit different ratios on different models.
Hmmmm this raises some interesting questions.
Searching the interwebs, I can not find anything specific to the GLC regarding how the '4matic' 4 wheel drive system.

There are generalised articles on the evolution of the 4matic system, one of which quoted an ability to vary torque range from 30/70 to 70/30 front to back. Though nothing to say that this applies to the GLC implementation.

Some reviewers quote variable torque, but we cannot be sure of accuracy, here.

The only 'facts' that I believe to be correct are:
Petrol Engine GLC's have a 45/55 torque split F/R (exception is the AMG '43/63 model)
Diesel GLC and the 43/63 have a 31/69 split.
All GLC's use the ABS/ESC systems to apply a brake force to a spinning wheel, in so doing, this redirects torque to the wheel/s with traction.

Might be all a moot point, if the end result from a driving perspective is the same, irrespective of how the engineering works!!

Would be interesting if someone had some technical knowledge about the systems in the GLC.....just from a geek interest view.

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I found pretty much the same as you, hence my comment above. So much about these systems is down to the electronics in my experience though, having driven more road focussed SUVs and Land Rovers, which superficially have similar mechanical setups, but feel very different off-road (talking specifically about Freelander 2 here).
so which axle would you put new tyres on ?
I'm getting 2 all season tyres to replace the worm out front tyres rears have another 6 months use on them.
It's generally recommended to put new tyres in front axle and worn on rear, dont know if 4 wheel drive affects that advice.
It doesn't change the advice. Your front wheels do the steering which is the most important function.
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