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After what seemed like an eternity waiting for my GLC 220d Sport I now have just over 500 miles on the clock. It's all been good, but I thought I'd update you fine folks with my opinion so far.

The finish and quality of the vehicle is very high, you can tell by the attention to detail and specification of materials chosen for the cabin; it's a very nice place to be. The controls are intuitive and feel 'right', the only exception to this is the heated seat switch which is mounted on the door. I personally think the seat switch should have been mounted in the center console as it was in my M Class, but that's just me. The leather seats are both comfortable and supportive and give enough support during 'spirited' cornering, acres of leg room too. Dynamically the GLC's have a great chassis with excellent body control (even more so with the air suspension) and great ride quality. The different engine modes do make a difference with 'Eco' making the engine feel a bit 'flat' to eek out economy and 'Sport +' really livening things up with much sharper throttle, gearbox & steering response. I've not found a massive difference between 'Comfort' (my usual setting) and 'sport'. The LED headlights are quite simply amazing, 10/10 !

Compared to my former M Class I've got a little bit less boot space to play with but it's been adequate, easily swallowing up my usual work equipment with room to spare. The reduction in fuel economy has been worth it as I'm averaging 47.8mpg (UK gallon @ 4.5L) at the moment and managed 61.4mpg on a very relaxed cruise out with the Mrs on Sunday night. The 9 speed box is a peach with virtually undetectable gearchanges on the way up, although it can be a little 'lumpy' changing downwards, but mostly it's very smooth and better than the 7 speed box that was in the M. The brakes are powerful and responsive and more than up to the task.

All in all very happy with the new car and I filled it up with only 59 litres of diesel, the M class could easily swallow 90 ! The wife's loving hers too and has also just clocked over 500 miles. The Mrs does mostly few short journeys in her GLC with the odd long run, so the economy is not as good as mine (38mpg average). It's early days but all the signs are good.

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We have done just over 1000 miles now and some observations are

1. Engine still breaking in and the mpg is averaging 40 over a 20 mile run (non motorway).
2. The engine is punchy and smooth with a great 9 speed gear box.
3. Still learning the extensive functions. I found the owners manual too long and boring to read and not very clear with minimal diagrams.
4. Not found out how the parking assist works? Any pointers please?
5. Car does lack an analogue clock.
6. Command system has plenty of options but can be a little frustrating to get to where you want.
7. Burmester sound system is great, crisp clear sound with ample bass. I have the Meridian system in my Jag, but not as good as the Burmester for CDs and Ipods.
8. On another US forum there is mention of acoustic glass in their vehicles. I don't believe I have this on my wife's car or whether its standard on UK spec cars? No mention of this in any of the sales brochure. Saying that I have not experience excessive noise at speed in the GLC.
9. The LED intelligent lights are fantastic and far better than the xenon's on my Jag.
10. Looks says it all, well pleased with the AMG aggressive look and colour combination of the exterior with the black leather seats and 20" alloys.

So all in all 9 out of 10 for a great SUV. I have test driven the X3, Q5 and Evoque, and the GLC build quality, performance and looks far exceed the other competitors IMO.
Cheers Greg
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