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A question for the coupe owners

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I have a 2017 GLC 300 non coupe. I've had lots of problems with it in the 10 months I've had it:

  • Safety systems failures requiring a reload of the software on every single control module in the car. Germany is saying if the problems persist, all the modules will need to be replaced.
  • A reload of the software for the steering system to fix a steering wheel vibration at highway speeds
  • Transmission not shifting into gear from park; software update required to fix
  • Leaky rear main cankshaft seal; the seal had to be replaced
  • A leaky transmission line that had to be replaced
  • A leaky oil pan requiring replacement of the pan (had tiny pin-holes in it)
  • Clicking noises coming from inside the car when making tight turns at low speed. Dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose.
  • When the ignition is in accessory mode, and an engine start is attempted, it will crank for about a 1/4 second and stop. The engine does not start. Dealer hasn't been able to diagnose
I am fed up with it and have decided to trade it in on a 2018 GLC 43 Coupe.

Curious what you coupe owners think of yours. Do you find the trunk space impractical? I've read online about some wind noise problems with the coupe. Anyone have this with theirs?
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I have a regular GLC 300 Coupe and the interior dimensions are the same.
You sacrifice a little with the trunk space than the SUV. It is alot higher in the coupe but there is an under layer storage compartment that is fairly large.
I had no problems with wind noise so far after one week of having the car and the 43 should be even better because it has the air suspension package as a standard option so it would decrease the body roll therefore the wind noise.
Hi, I have nothing but enjoyment, even my 21 inch wheels ride nice, not bumpy with the suspension the AMG Coupe comes with, noise level is very good...
Yep had our 43 coupe nearly 2 months now and it’s great. Very happy and it’s fine boot space wise for our needs...
Trunk space should be fine, but that's dependent on what you usually haul around in there on a daily basis. Won't be the best car for camping equipment, but god enough for your gym bags and such.
Loving mine, the only issue I've had is a dead battery after 2 months of ownership. the dealer reloaded the computer system and said to bring it back in 10 days to see if the repair was successful. I'll know more next week when I bring it back.Plenty of room in the back for whatever and the seat fold if more space is needed.
We have 2 x GLC.
One 2 year old wagon and one 1 year old Coupe.
All 250d, with 20” rims. Coupe has air suspension.
We have had none of the troubles listed earlier.
Yes replaces all tyres with Goodyear’s to fix crabbing.
Replaced fuel pump in wagon around 6 months of buying.
Rest very good.
Boot in Coupe few inches longer at base. Issue is slope rear window, versus box like rear of wagon.
No major issues with slope, only wish rear wiper, miss not having that, window squeegee in back door allows me to wipe rear screen at start of journey!
Wind noise about same.
Wife thinks wagon has bit more grunt on acceleration, maybe I drive it harder and car has developed a memory ?
Get the Coupe, it looks better too.
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