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Acoustic Glass

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does anyone know anything about this acoustic glass? i noticed it today while sitting in my car. it is labeled on both the drivers and passenger side windows. but not the front, rears, or back. just the front 2 windows. is this standard? because i don't remember anything about this option and i certainly didn't order it. i imagine it makes the cabin quieter. i was hoping others knew more about it, especially why it is only 2 windows and if it is standard and if anyone else has it?
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They are 6mm thick windows that are laminated on both sides instead of the usual 5mm thick windows. Helps keep the inside quieter
The acoustic glass option on the GLC300 4matic in Canada is only for the side front windows and is both heat and noise-insulating. The specs indicate noise reduction by up to 10db. The acoustic membrane is matched to high-frequency wind noises and low-frequency engine revs. There are 2 outer layers of conventional plastic, with the core layer of damping material to absorb vibrations. I chose this option for the one we just ordered... looking forward to getting it in July (Canvansite Blue with silk beige interior).
In the UK the acoustic glass is not fitted to the GLC.
I not sure why but so far see no need for it.
i don't know if it actually helps, but the interior is crazy quiet. i can hear, literally, no road or engine noise. it is super super super quiet. though i do wonder why it is only the front windows and not all of them, seems a bit weird, but hey, i won't complain, i can't tell you guys how crazy quiet that cabin is. it's just crazy.
The GLC is certainly a serene place to be, even with a diesel engine up front it's a very quiet & civilized. I think Mercedes have done a lot of homework on noise reduction across the range and compared to the Macan it's whisper silent.
I have placed order for GLC43 AMG to be arrived mid-March.

Are all the GLC43 equipped with Acoustic glass? I have asked my dealer to print the equipment list for my car and I found "851 Security Safety Glass with Acoustic Foil for Noise Reduction"
Acoustic glass makes sound insulation. I like silence.(y)
This is the first time I've heard of acoustic glass.
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