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Mercedes may have become a bit lax with their spy prevention recently now that we’re nearing the Geneva Auto Show release of their GLC because a new video of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC has surfaced on Youtube and it’s showing a bit more skin than usual.

With its appearance scheduled for March, the GLC is in its final stages of testing so there are more and more prototypes making an appearance with less camouflage. Last time we saw the GLC, most of the bumper was covered but now the GLC is almost completely uncovered except for a few small pieces hiding the head and taillights of the vehicle.

Here you can see a parked Mercedes-Benz GLC with the test driver fiddling around in the interior before activating the power tailgate from somewhere off screen. Unfortunately, the video cuts off right before the tailgate was fully raised so we’re not sure how far it actually opens. What we can make from the video is the speed with which the tailgate opens and a bit of its interior trunk space. There doesn’t seem to be much vertical storage space when taking into account the coupé like slope of its back end but it could extend as far as the C-pillar in terms of depth for a larger trunk.

We would have liked to see the mostly uncovered GLC at various angles but we’ll just have to wait for more images which will undoubtedly come shortly with the approaching reveal date.
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