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I have a GLC250 AMG Line on order.

I just want to check with you guys/gals here on the AMG Line Sports Suspension. My country official dealer do not have the AMG Line equipped test-drive car for testing. Obviously the product knowledge of the Sales Person is limited to what is available on their brochure....

- Does the sports suspension come with non-selectable passively adaptive shock absorber just like the base Agility Control Suspension? Just firmer in the damping rate throughout? Or is it a fixed rate firmer shock absorber?

- Is the steel spring the same as stock? I read somewhere that the ride height is reduced slightly. Can anyone confirm this?

- Can anyone do a comparison review of the AMG Line sports suspension vs the base Agility Control system taking into account the different rims/wheel sizes. (In my country, the base model comes with 18" alloy while AMG Line ups it to 19")

Thank you!
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