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Hi all,

I am looing to upgrade my audio in the GLC 43.

important info - 2021 model GLC coupe - standard audio (non Burmeister)

i was initially looking to install my old system out of the mk5 golf into here. which consists of Alpine Type R components front and rear and a 12" Type R sub with 2 x Alpine amps

from what i can see, the 6" type R components will not fit as from what i can see the GLC is 4"

So, looking at plug and play speakers and 100w isnt enough for me, when im used to 300w :LOL:

This being said, if i want to upgrade all speakers, i would look at using my alpine Amp.
Does anyone have any info on the procedure on adding the amps into the std MBUX system?
this goes for the sub amp too.

im not unfamiliar or ilqualified with audio etc, but have never spliced or added into a factory headunit/system before

All help most appreciated

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