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Hi All,

Wanted to get some feedback from other "Australian GLC" owners.
Purchased a GLC300 about 3months back (Mercedes Mossman), so far i'm a very happy customer.

One of the firs things I picked up was the lack of functionality from the Voice Commands (Hey Mercedes) and was surprised to find that a number of features were disabled compared to other regions (NA/EMEA).
The obvious ones:
  • Internet Access using in car SIM Card (Disabled)
  • Host Spot and Wifi access which relies on Data Enabled SIM Card
  • MBux requiring Internet to respond to commands such as "Hey Mercedes what is the Weather today?"
  • Internet Browser Access
  • Software Updates over the wire
The Mercedes ME app is connected and working, things like "Remote Car Start" etc all work, however there are a number of features that are disabled. Essentially the car has been limited due to restrictions in Australia
which boils down to legislation that restricts features and functionality of cars like Mercedes etc.

Actions Taken
  • Dealership has confirmed these issues (After I purchased the car and raised the issue)
  • Mercedes has also confirmed this after talking to their head office (They are looking to implement these features in 2021)
I want to ask the forum the following:
1) Has anyone had this confirmed by Mercedes or Dealership in Australia?
2) Were you warned or told of the lack of features / functionality before purchasing the car?
3) Does anyone know details of the legislation that is holding back access to these features and limiting the cars potential?
4) Anyone found a workaround (apart from hacking the OS)

I want to see if i can raise enough awareness and knock on some doors, it has to be affecting everyone owning a new Mercedes, BMW etc there must be thousands of drivers who could mount a small campaign to fast track this. Ambitious but with the world going off a cliff I figured a few well written emails to local gov and some legal support we might be able to move the needle.

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