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AutoGuide has reviewed the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC. Here I have picked out some of the quotes, and I'll post a link to the full review at the bottom.

The GLC has a clean, muscular design devoid of any tacky bulges or unnecessary lines that make it look over the top or just plain ugly (hello, GLE Coupe). Its best angle is from the front, where the strong double-deck front grille dominates the SUV’s look with a massive Mercedes star that’s almost the size of my face. From all other angles, it blends in with other SUVs a bit too much, but mainstream looks are what sells, so this isn’t really a criticism.
The infotainment system is operated by a clickable touchpad and a rotary scroll wheel. Mercedes refuses to do touchscreens, which would make the system more user-friendly, but it is getting better with the touchpad being able to understand smartphone gestures like swiping and pinching. As it is now, the menu structure and buttons aren’t very intuitive, and requires a lot of playing around before you get used to it.
In Eco or Comfort mode, the GLC is very restrained and doesn’t drive any differently from an Acura or Kia, but in Sport or Sport+ mode, the GLC’s personality changes and it feels legitimately sporty, like a Mercedes should. Everything gets tighter and more responsive.
I drove the European-spec GLC 250 a few months ago and while I was impressed with the new design and the high-end interior, I concluded that the drive was somewhat uninspired and it was geared more toward comfort than sport. The 300 model rectifies this, so you get the best of both worlds. The extra horsepower and torque make a big difference in how the SUV feels, and if you want it to be, the GLC feels plenty sporty.

The GLC is a great crossover and will continue to see strong sales, just like the boxy GLK that came before it. The best thing about the GLC 300 is that unless you really need the extra space and utility, I see no reason why you’d need to spend more money on a GLE, because the GLC has more luxury and features than you’d ever want, and it feels more nimble and sporty than the GLE ever could.
- Clean, classy design
- High-end, luxurious interior
- Nimble driving, actually sporty
- More value than GLE

- Expensive Options
- Infotainment could be more user friendly

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic Review - News

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The GLC looks a lot better in red than the grey one in the forum banner.
My main concern is this.
The downside of the stalk gear selector behind the steering wheel is that it will drive you crazy until you stop mistaking it for the windshield wipers.
I'm used to a stick for gear shifting so I will need to practice in an empty parking lot before a rainy day hits me.
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