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Axle Jack problems - help!

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Short story
How do I use a trolley jack to lift my 2016 GLC 43 and then place an axle stand in place to rest my car for 3 days?

Long story
I scraped my alloy and I have booked my GLC 43 wheel in for repair. I don’t have a spare wheel - Tirefit (?) repair kit in the boot. So my idea was to remove the wheel and take it in to be repaired, using my partners car to transport it. Taking only 1 wheel in to be repaired meant it would be done quicker and my car wouldn’t be sat for 3 days taking up a parking space at the repairers.

It’s the front passenger side (UK RHD, on left side). I bought a 3 ton trolley Jack to lift the car. But I need to place an axle stand under the car to rest it for the 3 days. But how the heck do I use the trolley jack at the axle jack location to lift the car, but somehow replace the trolley jack with an axle stand? There are only the 4 locations under the car, at each wheel.

help please!
Car is booked in tomorrow morning at 9am GMT - in 21 hours time.

apparently I can’t leave the car sitting on the trolley jack for 3 days?
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Hi Ash and welcome to the forum. You have a real dilemma there, it's a fact MB prefer their customers not to tinker with their own cars! I have a 2016 220d Sport and like to swop tyres front to rear periodically so they all wear our at the same time. The only elegant way I could achieve this was with 2 jacking point inserts and 2 high-lift bottle jacks. Each jack will support the entire side of the car on its own. As you have only got until tomorrow morning you are going to have to McGuyver it. Jack up car at the rear passenger jacking point. With enough lift, the front tyre will come off the ground allowing you to create a support at the front passenger jacking point with your axle stand (you will probably have to lay a small spacer into the axle stand cradle to prevent the ends fouling the sill area around the jacking point. Lower the car onto the axle stand then lower the jack completely and the damaged wheel will be in the air for you to remove for repair. Don' forget to loosen the wheel nuts BEFORE you jack the car up ;)

Jacking point inserts look like this in case you need to fudge them:

GLC Jacking Point Insert
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Hi Toobad. I’ll struggle getting hold of the inserts now … but I do have the heels of some boots … that might help.

I’ll go out and try to lift the car using the rear support point and trolly jack. I assumed that the front would be too heavy and the car would just lean over towards the front wheel. If it will allow me to lift the whole side then I certainly can get that axle stand in place! Fingers crossed.
Wow! It worked. I had no idea the whole side of the car would be elevated using either lift point. Such a relief and I got the wheel in to its appointment this morning. Thank you :)
Well done, Ash! Being an SUV, the chassis is very rigid. It may be prudent to either invest in a couple of jacking point inserts or fabricate your own. Better than tearing the heels off another pair of boots every time you want to lift the car :ROFLMAO:
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Chiming in late, but going forward there is a jack point under the engine bay, including the two jack points on the right and left sides. I found this out when I panted my calipers Just FYI
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