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Battery issue? “ stop vehicle “ message

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Hi everyone, I have a 2016 glc 300, about 47300 miles .
This morning on my drive in to work, I got a message on my dash board with symbol of a battery which read, “ stop vehicle leave engine running.” I pulled over left car running, I was not far from work and drove in to work left the car running for 15 min. Turned car off, then on , no battery message. But I had to start my shift, I called dealer /service department they instructed me to do what I did & to try to bring the car in if able, but was warned that my Vehicle could stop and it could be battery. I work in healthcare and need to be at work right now. I might be able to take to service on Friday, but my question is: if it is the battery 1. Can this be something AAA can help with? 2. Can one replace a battery themselves?? 3. Should I absolutely take it to dealer??
im going to turn car on at lunch , assuming it turns on and leave the engine running again. I appreciate any advice! Truth be told I’m a caregiver too, and need my vehicle to be reliable , especially during this time ... but I want to do whatever is efficient without paying an arm and leg . Thankyou!
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Echobee Hi, I had a similar problem on my Land Rover Disco. If you have any warranty on your car, call out your breakdown agent and they should change your battery FOC. If no cover the new battery won't be cheap. If you do a lot of Stop/Start driving it doesn't help. If you can, take it out for a good 50 (ish) mile run, that will also help help your DPF re generate.
Had same message and issue on my 2017 GLC 300 Coupe. Dealer replaced battery under warranty and all is well. Good luck.
Had same message and issue on my 2017 GLC 300 Coupe. Dealer replaced battery under warranty and all is well. Good luck.
What was your mileage
What was your mileage
Just under 20K miles, but almost 3 years here in Phoenix, Arizona, the “Valley of the Sun”. Typical life for a battery here, unfortunately.
Hey, echobee.

I found some possible causes for your problem from a YOUCANIC page:
  • Keeping ignition on with the engine turned off.
  • Keeping the radio on but the engine off.
  • Leaving the lights on
  • Parasitic draw draining the battery when the vehicle is parked
  • The battery is no longer holding a charge; test and replace the battery.
  • Too many electronic consumers connected to the auxiliary outlets
  • Defective alternator or voltage regulator
  • Loose battery connection or ground
  • Serpentine belt damaged or off.
  • Transmission overheating
You can continue reading it for their troubleshooting tips, if you like. It's far too long to completely paste here. Either click here, or look up "YOUCANIC Mercedez-Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running" if you're scared of clicking random links.

Best of luck!
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