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This may be useful to some, I purchased a 2021 GLC300 from Blackburn around a 5 hour drive from me, on collection the car had completed 2300 miles as it was a lockdown car.

I drove the car home so it should have had a good charge on arriving home around 5 days later I had a low battery message but despite taking the car on a few runs I still had the warnings.

I put the car on charge using a CTEK MXS 5.0 charger but a few days later the warning returned, as the car is still under warranty I was not too worried but rather than take the car in I put the car on charge again but ran a recondition programme with the charger, this took around a day and a half to complete, that was several months ago and I have not had an issue since.

I thought an update to this is relevant, all the above is true and my car is still running fine, that said I have been informed that an AGM battery should not be charged with the recondition mode as it could cause damage.
The CTEK manual actually shows the modes available and does show a recondition mode with AGM batteries so it seemed ok to me but an email to support at CTEK asking received the reply do not use this mode?
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