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Best running boards for AMG Line

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Hi all

Getting my new GLC amg line in 2 weeks and wanted to get some running boards to fit on it.
I've seen a few aftermarket ones online between £150-£200 that all look identical.

Which ones would people recommend to buy? Anyone gone with the above and rate them highly?

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Hi fullhauser,
I’m a newbie to the forum and just came across your post re running boards. Just recently picked up a 2019 GLC night edition and like yourself and considering adding these. Did you ever get round to buying them and fitting them? Any assistance/tips would be very helpful.

Hey and welcome to the forum,

I did end up getting some, but I lucked out a little as I picked up some practically brand new OEM boards for £80 off eBay, guess I was just in the right place at the right time.

From what I’ve seen, the aftermarket versions are practically identical and fitting is exactly the same. There’s a few videos on YouTube showing how to do it, but essentially there are three plastic pins near the front wheel arch that you pull out, two bolts near the rear arch, and then a bunch of bolts underneath. As long as you’ve got a socket set you’ll be able to do the job.

Getting the new ones on is a bit fiddly as they come in two parts, an underneath section that bolts directly onto the car, and then the board itself which slides over and bolts onto this first part. Would recommend getting someone to help if you can as with two people it’ll be a lot easier, took me about an hour and a half on my own to do both sides.

Good luck with it!
Hey fullhauser,

Thanks for welcome and thanks for finding the time to give your advice. Having read your words they motivated me into given it a go. I took the plunge and purchased some stealth black running boards along with a Panamericana replacement front grille. Both I managed to fit by myself without being much of a problem and are a great upgrade/addition to my GLC.

So once again, thanks and stay safe.
I would love to see pictures of your Panamericana grill update. (although I do like the “diamond -grill” too. Was it complex to perform?
Which source did you use?
Hey Peter,

I was also a little unsure at the time if I preferred the diamond style grille or Panamericana. I decided on the pan version as I thought it was a little different and had a slightly more aggressive look. However, I think both grille types are an improvement on the standard grille. Fitting wasn’t too much of a problem, it just takes a little time and patience. I didn’t remove the front bumper as suggested by some. The hardest part was removing the side air scoops, but eventually with a bit of force they popped out. For reference there is a good video on YouTube posted by a Russian dude(I think).

In all the pan grille and the stealth black side skirts were fitted in a couple of hours. As requested I’ve added some pics to show how they look with the night edition pack. Hope this helps with your decision.
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It looks fabulous! Thank you for the photos and the installation advice. Enjoy your GLC !!
Panamericana grille and boards make a big dfference.
Nice looking car :)
They look really good. Im actually going to purchase some of those for my glc. I didn’t want the silver ones and was not a fan of running boards. But those look good. 👌
I love the blacked out boards, can you help with place to purchase
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