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Brake pad replacement frequency? and Service cost?

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just had my first "big"service after 2 years (and 35,000km), and my dealership had to change the REAR brake pads..... for 2018 GLC 250 4matic (Petrol)

70% of my driving is on highways.

Does that seem right?

1. that they need to change ANY brake pads after only 35,000 km
2. that the REAR ones are wearing faster than the front ones?

nb. I did NOT have any issues with the parking brake.

I was also surprised by the overall cost of the service €900 (in Brussels, Belgium)
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I'm told the driver assist electronics are controlled via the rear wheels and therefore the brakes of the rear wheels are used without the driver using the brake pedal. This contributes to higher wear rate than the front. If you wish your brake pads to last longer, then turn off all your driver aids, or else fit harder non genuine brake pads
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