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Buying first GLC - 350d Sport Off-road pack?

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Thank you for the welcome!
Hello everyone!

I've wanted a GLC for ages, but was put off by reviews of the 220/250d engine noise. I love V6s, but I'm not a speed freak and just want a smooth, quiet, comfortable, long-distance cruiser. So I didn't want the big wheels and stiffer suspension of the AMG version. So I thought I'd have to settle for a four pot...

And then a '67 plate 350d Sport with the off-road package has come up which I'm really keen on. Sounds quite rare. Not been able to see or drive it yet. Has Premium Plus etc, and the smaller 18" wheels and comfort Sport-spec suspension I wanted. Also 20mm increased ride height.

What MPG can I expect to see on a long motorway cruise please? I am not heavy footed driver.

Also, can any members offer views/experiences of living with this unusual spec of 350 on a Sport suspension setup?

Grateful for any advice please.

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Make sure it has had new steering knuckles fitted, if not walk away.
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Many thanks for this top tip.

The car is being offered by an MB main dealer. I've reserved the car but not driven it yet, so don't know if it suffers from this tyre skipping problem. Sounds like I should insist that they replace the knuckles for the modified type. Have you heard of other MB dealers being willing to do this? Do you think its best done before sale completion, or whilst vehicle is in warranty please?

I had read about the crabbing issue with some cars but thought the fix was to fit different tyres. But this just seems to mask the problem.

Different tyres masked the problem and then they came up with the solution of fitting new steering knuckles for all except AMG versions. Do not buy if they haven't been changed, once you have bought the car they will try and not change them. Of course there is a chance that they have already been changed and if they tell you that they have get it in writing. They weren't fitted to factory cars until late 2018 so yours wouldn't have had them originally.
Remember dealers will tell you anything to sell the car.
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Thank Philamg. Excellent advice. Will ring them tomorrow.
The 220/250d engine noise isn't over the top lol. Not sure what 'reviews' you've read. It is a diesel after all. I will say though my GLC 250d is quieter than my C Class 250d. Don't base everything on reviews you read, go and listen/drive one for yourself in the real world.
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I've only watched and listened to YouTube vids. You're right, I should drive one before deciding. The 250 would be better on fuel too.
I changed my 220d for a 250d which I now have a couple of weeks.

The 220d did about 43.4mpg
The 250d so far is only doing about 38mpg (but shes going in to check wheel alignment, the ABC compressor and the starter battery)

I can honestly say I do not notice much difference in performance or noise!
I'm getting consistent 40+ mpg in my 300 in Eco mode. More on long journeys. Incredible for the power in the engine
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