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CD Player tries to load CD with hard turn

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This is the oddest thing - this is my wife car and she came home yesterday saying that every time she took a turn on the way home the radio would turn off and it would switch to the CD player - saying it was trying to load a CD and then show an error since there was no CD. We just got back from a long trip (Chicago to DC and back) and this did not happen once - so I skeptical. I took the car out later that evening and I'll be damned if it didnt do it to me several times. Slower speeds with a moderate to hard turn ... like pulling into a parking spot confidently. I have to take the car in for the "creaking issue" already but this will add to the list. Anyone else experience this?
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This has to be one of the weirdest faults on a car i've heard of - please let us know what it is when the dealers checked it over. My guess is a micro switch is being triggered for what it's worth.
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