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CD/SD problem ???

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New member here, just picked up a GLC 300 coupe, model year is 2018, loving the car so far but can't figure out if this is a problem or if it's just how it is. When listening to a CD or music on a SD card, lets say I'm half way through the CD, when I turn off the car and come back a little later and start the car, the CD starts at the beginning again, every other car I've had always continued the CD where it was when I turned off the car, it does the same with the SD card. I've tried resetting the system via the eject button, read all the manuals to see it there's a setting that I've missed, yesterday I dropped in to the dealer and they said that's how it is. Can anyone here confirm that their car is the same ??
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I assume you're not in the UK as I don't think the 300 was available here in 2018 so maybe a different spec car to mine but I certainly don't have that problem. Not sure about the CD as I never use on these days but my SD card always carries on where it left off and had the car 2 years now.
It's a UK spec 250d premium plus .
No CD Player or SD Card slot on the new models. Miss both of those.
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