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Cell Phone Holder (Plus size)

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Hello all. Anyone have a good experience or recomendation for an iPhone Plus Size cell phone mount in their GLC300? I’ve tried various vent mounts and they just can’t hold the weight of the bigger (plus size) iPhone. They all hold initially when you first connect it, but all fall off at the first pot hole or the first fast corner.
I also don’t want to mount anything permanent or use something that may damage the intitior in case I end up selling the car.

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I'm never keen on any phone holders, the vent ones would block the air flow out of it, so less than ideal. Ones that attach to the fascia may get in the way of the controls. I think the best ones are ones which attach to the windscreen.
I bought one from amazon for an iPhone max. It auto clamps when the phone is placed on it. It self detects because It’s wireless charging. It came with a vent mount or a windscreen suction cup and I don’t like those. The vent mount would just allow the phone overheat in winter and I don’t like the windscreen mount.

So I made a new ball mount with a steel clip to replace the one that came with the holder. It doesn't screw into the dash or anything and I used a felt padding on the back to make sure it does not scratch up the trim. So if I sell the car it’s easy to remove and no evidence! Just need to pop the silver trim out a little and push the metal clip behind the trim and push it back. After that the clip is solid.

I routed the power cable down the Centre column and into to the arm rest box and plugged it into the usb port for power. It was just two screws to remove. Overall took me about 15 mins to fit. Pictures attached if it helps anyone for ideas. I did have to enlarge a hole at the bottom of the centre box to allow the usb plug to fit through (this was under the carpet mat in the box and was just a little too small), so I used a file to open it up a little. Maybe if I had a cable with a smaller plug molding it would have gone through without need for any adjustment to the hole.

Because I made a copy of the ball mount the holder can be moved to different angles and orientations easily like it was meant to be. Really pleased with it.


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Great job Muks! That is a nice solution. I may want to try it. Do you have a link to the holder you bought and do you have pics of the metal clip you made? Also, do you have pics of how you routed the wire from the holder down to the console box? Thanks.
Sure, give me a few days, I’ll try gather the links etc and post them.
Hello and thank you Bravo
Hi guys, sorry for taking so long. I’ve been mega busy over the last few weeks.

I haven’t been able to do a write up yet, but here are a few details to get you started.

The holder I got is from amazon:

I used someone else’s instructions which is located at mb world which was a good write up on how to remove the centre console to allow routing of the cable into the armrest box where the usb plug is:

I’ll try to remove the trim on my car again and take a short video or a photo showing what the new ball mount looks like and the the clip to show how you could fit it in case it helps. But just give me a couple weeks for this bit as quite busy at work at the min.

Get back to you soon.
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