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Comand Online Map Update

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Asked the dealer to check if the map is to date on 1yr old GLC. He tells me the system updates itself, presumably he meant if paired with phone. That sounds unlikely given the data size, and while I could pair it to a phone conference to my home WiFi it still sounds like BS.

Can someone confirm. This is UK and with premium+ sat have and the 3 year updates.
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Your dealer shouldn't be in business, the dealer has to update it and it takes a couple of hours.
If you go into the menu system it will tell you which version you have, when you know this phone customer services and ask them what the latest version is for your car. If you haven't got the latest version tell them what the dealer said and they should phone him to arrange for the update.
I had an issue where I was told by the dealer that I had the latest version and knew I hadn't. I phoned customer services and they phoned the dealer. Within 3 hours the dealer contacted me to say they had just received the new version (coincidence) and the new version was inputted.
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As far as I know the European map update for COMAND is currently at version 12. Map updates have to be requested, they are not part of the normal service procedure. Have a look at my post from back in June for the full skinny:

European Maps Update for COMAND
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Car is never going back to dealer, it's 200 miles away, which is why apart from the initial viewing to check quality innate to do everything by phone/email. They're driving it up to me tomorrow. I'll call them today, got to check their bank details anyway.
I bought Red Ken from Listers in Boston, Lincs because they gave the best price through Orange Wheels. I simply popped into my local dealer in Gloucester on the way home to introduce myself. They could not have done more to get me registered with them on the MB database for all future recalls and servicing. Any UK dealer will support your vehicle on behalf of MB UK.

Talking of recalls, you should ask the supplying dealer if the starter circuit fuse link has been uprated and the steering wheel clock spring mechanism replaced.
Just checked mine and as Toobad says it is version 12.
Only v11, they didn't update it and now it's on it's way they've called to say they only update at services (same response from local dealer) :-(
Not the end of the world, hopefully the v13 next year will also include the major revisions being done to the nearest main road to my house.

Does show that Swindon Mercedes excel in twattery. I only asked for things that were of little cost to them - for example replacing both front tyres rather than the one that was damaged and leaving the other at just over 3 mm. They've done nothing for me, but the sales guy who dealt with is the one driving the car up (in Friday traffic M5/M6) and he wanted a lift 10 minutes down the road to Enterprise to get back. I've told him to make his own way. I'd have been more than happy to drop him off if they'd done anything useful.

I bet they haven't even topped up the AdBlue!
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Good for you Mountain man, you expect better from dealers. As I said previously speak to customer services, the line they are giving you regarding only updating at services is rubbish, my service was in March and my map update carried out in May, once customer services got involved.
I'll call Mercedes Approved next week and get them involved. What are my chances at complaining about the full-lock issue and getting all season tyres for nothing on a 2nd hand ?

The dealer has phoned me from the car to say he's been stuck in traffic and is now so late that he's getting Enterprise to give me the car in case he has to meet me at my house instead.
If (when) you have the "clonking" on full lock raise a complaint with MB (not dealer), letter below sent out by MB in February 2017 may help:

24 February 2017

For the attention of Market Area Directors, Sales Directors, After Sales Directors, General Managers, Sales Managers, After Sales Managers, CSU Managers

Dear Colleague

Further to our interim update last week, we are now able to provide a more detailed technical explanation regarding this issue.

Due to the positioning of the front axle differential on right hand drive cars, the steering position differs very slightly compared to left hand drive models. When the steering is on full lock this steering angle difference can result in the front tyre skipping sensation. This is more pronounced during cold weather and when larger wheels and low profile tyres are fitted.

We can assure you that our technical specialists, as well as independent experts such as DEKRA, concur that the cars remain completely safe to drive.

Fitment of All Season tyres counteracts the sensation. We are therefore securing sufficient stocks of these to provide to customers who find this uncomfortable.

· Mercedes-Benz Cars UK will contact GLC customers who have already registered a Compass complaint:
• Customers with 17”, 18”, 19” and 20” tyres will be offered a set of All Season tyres (once available) and fitment free of charge
• For GLC 43 AMG customers who have cars with 21” tyres, a 21” All Season tyre is not currently available. We will offer these customers the option of taking 20” wheels and All Season tyres, or waiting for 21” All Season tyre availability

· We would ask you to please do the same for GLC customer complaints that you have received and managed locally or for any future GLC complaints about this issue until further notice

· Please also take the following action for customers who have ordered their car but have yet to take delivery, and for future customers of existing dealer and pipeline stock until further notice:
• Please make sure they are aware of this characteristic.
• Customers proceeding with delivery have the option to take All Season tyres as soon as they are available or to wait and change to them if/when they experience this sensation in Winter 2017/18.
• For customers who do not wish to take delivery of their GLC with summer tyres, please offer a courtesy car until the All Season tyres are available for their car.

For all the cases above concerning provision and fitment of All Season tyres, please submit a goodwill claim against damage code 2113800.
We will provide updates concerning any interaction we have with your customers, together with availability of the aftermarket All Season tyres and the logistics process involved.

Yours faithfully

David George Sally Jones
Sales Director Customer Services Director
Mercedes-Benz Cars Mercedes-Benz Cars

Emma Passmoor

Customer Services MBuk
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I put an official complaint in with MB today. I explained the poor handling of the map update was the reason I didn't want to discuss directly withe the dealer. I mentioned that the tyres skip (I don't get a clonk through the steering, there is a shake as the tyre corrects itself along with a popping sound) and that there was a bulletin about this 5 months before the car was built, and so no reason it didn't have the correct tyres and no reason to resell it as approved and still not put the correct tyres on, even though they replaced one of them.
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