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Considering switching to Mercdes from Infiniti

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I've been an Infiniti driver for 13 years (mostly because a close friend owns an Infiniti dealership) and have owned four different models over that time. My current ride is a 2013 M56 Sport.

I have always loved the look of Mercedes's and almost bought a C63 AMG instead of the M56. I went with the Infiniti in the end because of familiarity and because my friend was able to discount the price significantly.

I'm now finding a sedan to be somewhat impractical and want to switch to an SUV. The current Infiniti SUV line up doesn't appeal to me (I find them stale and in need of a refresh) and I am seriously considering the GLC.

I'm a bit hesitant because I worry that I may not like the infotainment system in the Mercedes as it seems to be significantly different than the Infiniti.

Are there any former Infiniti owners here? How do you find the infotainment system in the GLC as compared to the Infiniti?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

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I've had my GLC since 30th August, I came to merc from BMW and at first found the infotainment very clunky and not very easy to use. I'm getting used to it , but it's nowhere near as good as the 5 series beemer.
You can't watch movies, or change track from the steering wheel, only little things I suppose but annoying never the less. I don't like the indicators either, very old fashioned.
Apart from that I'm loving the car.

Hey InfinitiGuy,
You are very welcome to the Forum..:wink2: I get the feeling that the Infiniti might be in the GLE class...

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