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Crabbing is the word !

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Hi Guys,
New to this forum ...any help will be hugely appreciate.
Got a brand new GLC 250 AMG IN March 2016 - almost 18000m now went into 2nd service and have been told will new brake pads.
First ever experience with Mercedes and not looking great.
Also,from very beginning when got the car makes noises when reverse or turn,reported to Merc and was simply told this is because this Car do not have winter tyres .I need to get new winter tyres ! that's it.
Still an issue ....noise is a lot you wont believe you are in GLC !

please guys any help on this and the brake pads.
Had Toyota before this and got 24000 on cloak until i needed new brake pads.It is hard to digest with Merc that new brake pads are needed on 17850m

Just wondering if the noise going from the wheels (may be a fault there from pretty much day one) and effects the brake pads !

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Hi Baj and welcome to the forum. Answers to problems on here can sometimes depend on the region of the world you reside in so you may want to add a location to your profile for better targeted replies. You seem to spell in UK English and quote distances in miles but refer to a GLC 250 which is the petrol variant but was not available in the UK in 2016.

I wonder if you have been using the Distronic adaptive cruise control excessively as this will take its toll on brake pad wear. I'm only on 13,000 miles in my June 2016 220d and my pads aren't even half worn yet. As to the crabbing issue, if have an RHD model, just look at the master thread on the subject:

GLC Clonking

and the solution thread:

The FREE all-season tyre swop
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