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My car was towed into Mercedes 4/2/20. On 4/2/20 I received the car back and the issue was reoccurring again. The car was towed in a second time to Mercedes on 4/6/20 and is currently in the shop.

On take-off the car will jump forward and the traction control will engage without reason. Every time it has occurred, the ground has been dry without sand or debris. On two occasions when pulling out onto a busy freeway, the car has jumped forward and the tracking control has engaged cutting almost all power, edging enough to put myself into direct on coming traffic. I stomped on the accelerator pedal and the car would not move forward for a few seconds until the traction control would disengage. I was EXTREMELY lucky on both occasions that the driver of both cars were paying attention to the road. Otherwise my niece and myself would have been injured or killed along with the oncoming driver and anyone else in their car. I have asked for Mercedes Customer Care to buy it back and release me from the lease ASAP. Driving this vehicle is a safety hazard putting my family, myself and anyone else on the road in harms way.

If anyone has any advice.. please chime in on how to help release me from this leased vehicle. Thank you in advance for your assistance and stay healthy.
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