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DAB Issue

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Has anyone had an issue with the DAB radio cutting out? Even in strong signal areas the screen just shows no information. Particularly for national radio stations this shouldn’t occur or if it does if there’s an fm alternative it is supposed to switch to that. This isn’t constant, but does occur daily.
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Had a few issues with mine cutting out when the car was new, no problem for a long time. Maybe the dealer is aware and has updates he can carry out, worth a try. I see you are from Hampshire, I have had issues in the Southampton area on the M27.
Yes, I’ll speak to my dealer in Basingstoke ref any updates and also if there is a signal booster aerial available.
yep happens regularly to me with radio scotland and radio two . Signal drop out and back up
Took car in to dealer yesterday and they confirmed there was a Comand update and also a specific one for the DAB radio. Took a couple of hours for the update, but has sorted out the problem.
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