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This is the first car either myself or the Mrs have had with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio fitted as standard. The sound quality is quite stunning, easily as clear as a CD or ipod input and the standard Mercedes audio system is surprisingly good quality too, helping to bring out the best in the broadcast.

However, unlike 'old school' analogue AM & FM stations (and LW I suppose) the DAB either works or doesn't; no fade out or crackles or loss in volume just nothing. Now this may just be for a second or for ten seconds or longer, depending how big the 'black spot' is I guess ? I realize this is a feature of DAB radio rather than the car, but we have a lot of 'black spots' where I live ! Anyone else found this or am I a victim of my local geography/DAB network ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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