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dealer invoice pricing

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hello from Washington State.
My wife wants to purchase a GLC 300 SUV 4matic.
I would like to get the dealer invoice pricing.
Is this available on this forum, or do you know where I can obtain it?

thank you
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Crickets.....I read that 6% off MSRP was good. I settled on 5 and was happy. It fit in the budget.
Dealers are willing to reduce their price but you must have inter-state pricing for competition. I got lucky with my new GLC-300 coupe. I purchased a Black 2017 clean history GLC coupe with 1500 miles for about 20% off the MSRP and about 6,000 off the next lowest dealer price for a brand new car. Another thing I would not do is have a dealership add extras. Many of these items can be installed better and for far less. For example, I wanted a trailer hitch which the dealership is charging anywhere from $600-900. Instead purchase a CURT hitch ($130) either install yourself or get it professionally installed for about $150 and you still come out ahead.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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