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Did I get hacked by the dealer?

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Hi everyone new GLC 300 owner from bay area here!

Recently I signed a lease for my 2018 GLC 300 4matic (with premium package, heated front seats and etc. MSRP:45675). I was able to get a 9% off total price and a $1500 discount for fleet program. For the lease I put $5000 down and a monthly payment of 537 (after tax). At the time of signing I thought I got a decent deal. But then later when I searched through internet I found someone in bay area as well who leased the same model (slightly different options but almost the same MSRP) and they had a $524 monthly payment and 0 down payment (they also mentioned a $483 drive off total which I assume is for the other fees). I was shocked thinking that I paid like 5-6k more for the same lease. Wanted to ask you guys how do you feel about the deal I get? Is it fair/decent or did I get hacked really hard? This is the first time I leased a car so I can't really tell. Please help!

Also I was asked to buy three years of prepaid maintenance for $1575 which now I have realized is way too high. I will talk to my dealer to return it.

Thanks for everyone's help in advance!

PS. Tax rate at bay area is 9% so the price is a bit high in general.
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I'll let others comment on the lease deal itself, but looking at the sales price, while it may not be the lowest out there in the area, it should be considered at least a "fair price" if you believe the pricing info from sites such as edmunds and KBB. The prepaid maintenance is definitely a ripoff though. It shouldn't be higher than the MSRP posted on MB website. So for GLC 300, it should be no more than $1335 for 4yrs/40K miles.
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