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My 2018 GLC is due it’s first service in a couple of weeks , main dealer is asking £363 for what amounts to an oil change .
I have local specialist who can service and update the star system to record the service at half the cost .
The question is has anyone used an independent for a service and was the record on the DSR . Also do independent service appear different on the mercedes me versus a main dealer.

Any help would be great

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Sounds a bit expensive to me for your first service as a service plan is only £31 a month for a 2/3/or 4 year service plan on my GLC 220D Urban edition. So only £372 a year for the first 4 years.
Just been online and checked the price for my car and its £366 for A service and £408 for B service so the service plan actually works out cheaper.
Had my 1st service done end October and the main dealer quoted me 3306 but then matched another so the cost came down a little to £280. Suggest you ring around other MB dealers get the cheapest and your local one should match.

We have a German car specialist independant I've used for both BMW and Audi but if you don't use the main dealer you lose your breakdown service I believe and I wanted the brakes done under warranty and sat nav map update as well.

Quote from the independant was £160 so was very tempting.
Just re read my last post, quote should have been £306 of course not 3306 :surprise:
Agreed £135 +VAT is very tempting against £363 from the dealer.

I want the Garmin maps update also , the comment about the brakes under warranty interests me, what was up with the brakes? Surely breaks are wear and tear?

Also the only other worry I've got is tyre wear, read so much about tyre issues that I'm constantly checking them.
You're entitled to the maps update for 3 years but as far as I know has to be done at a main dealer.
My brakes were squealing ( dealer says sqeaking which is an understatement ) and felt just slightly rough, hard to describe. They changed the rear pads and so far been ok.

I used Prestige German Cars in the North East a few times for BMW and Audi and no problems with the digital service registrations though as they have to pay for access to the system they do so in batches so can take a couple of weeks to register.

If you go to an independant you'll lose the breakdown cover I believe but then you can get a lot of that for £200 saved. If you do decide to go to the dealer, ring around locally first as prices vary and they will match another main dealer price, might not save much but £20 or £30 quid is still worth it. Newcastle dealer is £306 and the Coldstream one quoted £280 ish so I'd tell them you have a trip planned to the area and will use the Coldstream one to see what they say.

I have Vredestein all weather tyres and still around 6mm tread after 11000 miles, I don't hang around either so I'm not too worried about wear especially when I got less than 12000 from my first Audi quatro.

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I have a GLC 250d AMG Line P+ which is 11 months old and due it’s first A service in March.
I understand the typical cost is around £360.
I rang MB Leeds to speak to someone in the service departments to question a couple of things and was put through to a centralised service booking centre in Glasgow.

Question 1,

A friend has been told if he has his GLC services done outside a franchised dealership that the warranty will remain valid but his roadside assistance will not regardless of whether genuine parts are used.


If the car is serviced at a VAT registered garage and genuine parts are used and the service is recorded, then the warranty and roadside assistance will remain valid (which is what I thought in the first place, I’ve never heard of a roadside or breakdown becoming invalidated for this reason). It seems that this is not an isolated case as Lons has also raised this question having been told the same thing ��.

Question 2

Cost of A Service.
Unfortunately I didn’t firstly ask for the standard cost of the A service (but I believe it to be around £360) I asked if MB Leeds would price match a local specialist, German Autocare.
I told them I had been quoted £247 (unfortunately the actual quote from German Autocare was £199 and I’d confused it with something else, Dohhh!)

The lady at the service centre then said that with the discount she was authorised to give the best price would be £299 , but she would check with the Service Manager at Leeds and ring me back.
A short time later she rang back saying the Service Manager at Leeds would price match the £247 price I had mistakenly quoted. I thought this was OK and accepted and made the booking for March. ( I also booked in my sisters GLC exact same car for same date and same price) . When I asked for a courtesy car she stated they are usually £55 which took me back a bit. I informed her I had never been charged this previously and she stated it was built into the service price !!!. So it’s not actually a free courtesy car then is it, says I, to which she sheepishly said I’ll throw that in as well at the discounted price.


Having your car serviced outside of a franchised dealer will not invalidate either your warranty or your roadside recovery provided the garage is VAT registered, genuine MB parts are used, and the service is recorded.

The cost of a service at a franchised dealer is overpriced but there is scope to significantly reduce this by way of price matching from an independent reputable garage. (Or there certainly is in Leeds)

If the cost of a courtesy car is built into the service cost, has anyone had a cheaper price service by not using the courtesy car.

Incidentally I have been told there are two recall notices on my 2018 car, one relating to the diesel management and one relating to the LED light units (not intelligent light option). Strangely my sisters car registered two days after mine but built before mine, only has the diesel recall showing ?
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Interesting pg220, not the way it was outlined to me so I've sent a message to MB customer services asking for clarification.

I'll most likely get a call from my dealer asking why I want to go elsewhere.:smile2:
Interesting pg220, not the way it was outlined to me so I've sent a message to MB customer services asking for clarification.

I'll most likely get a call from my dealer asking why I want to go elsewhere.:smile2:
Hi Lons,

When I first heard that today I thought it couldn’t be right, sounds like someone trying to scare people away from the reputable independent. How can it affect your roadside recovery if your warranty is still valid. Just doesn’t sound right.

Interested to see what response you get 👍
Will post when I get a response.

I was going to get mine done locally as have a German car specialist on Tyneside I've used for BMW and Audi but I wanted to make sure I got the map updates and brake issue sorted ( that's another story spelled out on another thread ), so had to go to the dealer or take it in later which is a pain.

The independant guys wanted little more than half the dealer quote of £306. Got them down to 280 but wouldn't go lower.
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