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DMC Topcar GLE 63 AMG Inferno

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I for one, do think these vehicles are good looking. However, the writer of this article that I read via Jalopnik doesn't think so. Thus the heading "Aftermarket tuners accomplish the impossible and make an AMG look even worse"

Follow that up with this "The Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG Coupe isn’t a looker. Not only does it have more than two doors, it’s a GLE 63 with a wretched hunchback, evocative of such widely panned designs as the Pontiac Aztek and the Honda Crosstour."

DMC and Topcar essentially threw a whole bunch of carbon fiber at this GLE 63 AMG. Majority in the front end, but it carries on to the back as well.

What are you're thoughts ??

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If there's one thing I must have from it its that rear diffuser, I could care less for anything else.

So far my plan is to get an aftermarket exhaust, and an aggressive diffuser, and this seems to be good enough. Want to keep my modifications subtle but impactful.
Definitely the rear diffuser, I would also go with the front bottom valance/lip just to tie it in and not just have one bit of random carbon on the car though. As for exhaust, find any products that you were thinking about ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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