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Do you think it will be totaled?

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So I recently got into my first accident. So thankful to walk away with just a few bruises. I hydroplaned on the highway, spun, and impacted the center cement wall dividing the opposite flow of traffic. Talk about scary. My two front airbags deployed, no side airbag deployment, you can see the damage to the front of the car. From the inside it is pushed back but I don’t know the extent of it. The center console is slighter pushed out. And 3 of the 5 seatbelts are gone. I added some more photos of the car. It’s at the European collision repair shop that’s certified through mercedes now. Waiting in a limbo for the news is tough. It’s a 2018 glc300 with 39,000 miles. Any opinions? View attachment 3350 View attachment 3351 View attachment 3349 View attachment 3352 View attachment 3353
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