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Door lock problem

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my car goes in next Friday primarily to have a wheel vibration looked at, but also the passenger side rear door.

The primary symptom is a door that doesn't close properly without more force than normal. Not a big deal but problematic when people get out and walk off only for me to drive away to be alerted it's not closed. Whilst I'm sure that's great for my daily step count, it's not good for arresting the slow but certain transformation into Victor Meldrew that began after I turned 40.

It's been in for this before and they adjusted something and it did seem fine...for a few weeks. Now it's exactly as it was plus more.

Yesterday I unlocked the car and my lad couldn't get the door open. I could see that it was unlocked, but nothing happened when he pulled the handle from outside. He got in from the other door and off we went, only (you've guessed it) for me to be alerted that the door wasn't closed. We stopped and he was able to open and close it from the inside. This didn't reoccur on the return journey.
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More a concern now because you can't open the door from the outside. Wondering if the locking mechanism is just unusually stiff and getting stuck. Let us know what your dealership says!
How long have you tested the functionality of the entire door mechanism? It may be time to lubricate or replace some components. It is also possible that the lock is clogged and because of this there are similar problems with the door. Once I forgot my car in the rain. The rain was very heavy and water flowed through the door. In the beginning, I did not attach much importance to this, but over time, the mechanism began to rust and had to be replaced. I had a similar situation with the front door. During the repair of the roof, water constantly flowed down the front door and penetrated the mechanism, and it began to rust. As a result, I had to purchase a new door from the DoorDesignLab company in order to fix this problem.
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