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ECO Start Stop not working

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I have a 2016 GLC 300. Wife has new 2019 RDX. ECO Start Stop new to her.. Reminded me that I could not remember the last time mine engaged. The ECI button shows Green. Please no posts on the reasons it not supposed to come on. Saw several post indicating its probably a battery, voltage regulator or sensor issue with or falsely indicating low voltage. No indications of a low battery. Several long drives so battery should be fully charged. No urgency, but will make service appointment.
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My previous 2017 c class would do this, but if I turned the air con off it worked perfectly, turn the air con back on and it would stop working again. Very random as to whether it worked normally.
Stop start

My B-series would also work all the time.
I also find that if I turn off the air con, it work after 10 miles or so. The GLC is far more power hungry with all its electrics.
I have this issue and it has been traced to a faulty charging sensor by the dealer. Will be fixed next week. There are too many variables to generalise on what causes the eco stop/start to malfunction , but battery and battery charge levels were mentioned by the dealer as being common.

They also said battery issues ( apart from eco stop/start) were common with GLC
hello all,

I am fairly new and i know this is about the eco start stop but my issue is somewhat similar.

i have a used 2017 glc and my camera would glitch sometimes and somtimes even go black for a second at random times. maybe its a battery issue? any suggestions?
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