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ELC-Class Electric Model to Debut in 2018

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Mercedes-Benz seems to be making every kind of GLC you can think of in the near future. From hybrids, to fuel cells, and now the addition of a fully electric model that will be called the ELC to debut in 2018. Was this the plan all along, or is this possibly Mercedes-Benz's reaction to the diesel scandal that has especially affected the German auto industry?

The report comes from Auto Bild and it states that a ELC and an ELA (based off of the GLA) will debut in 2018. The ELC-Class should cost about €50,000, while the ELA-Class should cost about €40,000.

No prototypes have been spotted or anything like that, so this is still in the realm of rumor, but it certainly fits with many of the announcements that we have recently heard from the company.

Mercedes to Launch ELA and ELC Bespoke Electric Models from 2018: What?
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Diesel scandal might be joining motivations but not a key motivation. I just think this is their overall response to the change in industry and targeting what will be the most lucrative electric vehicle segments around. These crossover/cuv/suv segments along with sedans are key.
I think they may be reallocating money that would have gone to diesel over to electric and fuel cell development instead.
I don't know about that. Can't imagine development funds from diesel being enough that will help with EV and Hybrid development. Plus even with EV's and Hybrids on the rise, there still remains a market for diesel.
Well diesel is delayed indefinitely and now comes all this talk of models in the fuel cell and EV realm. I think we hae been seeing a shift very recently towards way more EV announcements. So I beg to disagree.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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