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Electric Tow Bar Delays?

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Have my GLC AMG Line Premium Plus on order with an estimated delivery date of late July - Aug

But have just been advised that the factory are having problems with the electric tow bars at present and now delivery may be pushed back till November!

Does anyone have anymore info on this at all?


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Unfortunately I haven't heard anything, and I'm quite interested to find out too
Been told by dealer that it's due to the different bumpers - I've taken it off my build now and spent the extra on LED lights and 360 camera instead.
This is also something I'm looking forward to getting an update on
Hi, I have a glc that was due on May 10th, now being informed that it has gone back to June 24th with no reason why from mercedes, all thay say is that the factory will not give a reason why. Not happy
Just came back from the dealership here in Iceland, where there was a big car show. They had 4 Plug-in Hybrid cars from Benz on display, GLE, GLC, S and C class. I asked the salesman about the delays on GLC cars with electric tow bar and he said it was because of the keyless opening on the trunk (option to use your foot to open the trunk), you can't have both at the moment, they are having some problems.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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