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Engine Fan, Ready for Takeoff!!!

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We've had the car for a week now and finally decided to schedule a service appointment for them to take a look at the engine fan. When we are at stoplights or other low speed times the engine fan will ramp up to levels that can be considered LOUD from inside the car with the windows up. From outside the car, it literally sounds like it is about to take off. The outside temp is around 70 F. And, no I hadn't been romping on it between lights. This is quite annoying and am wondering what it will do when it is actually HOT outside.

Has anybody else experienced erratic engine fan speeds?

The appointment is on Monday, I'll report back. I hope they don't tell me it is normal.
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That definitely sounds far from normal. I swear these have acoustic glass too, so for you to hear it loudly on the inside is very odd
I don't want to exaggerate the noise inside with the windows up too much as it is a very noise insulated cabin. I will say the fan ramping up and down is definitely audible and noticeable, even with the radio at low volumes. Outside the car, full on 747! Ok, maybe only a turboprop.
Aww man thats horrible still. Did they check it out yet ?!
Got the car back. They were able to figure out the factory installed the wrong fan. Not sure how that happens, kinda hits the confidence a bit. However, all is well now. Just hope this is an isolated screw up.

For the sake of documentation the wrong fan PN: 990 906 14 01
Correct Fan PN: 990 906 13 01
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They installed the wrong fan... That's a careless mistake :| Glad it's all resolved though, thanks for the update
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