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Engine management Warning

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Car is 3 weeks old and the engine management light comes on?

Rang Merc assistance to be told take it to a dealer?

Why can't they send someone out to me rather than inconvenience a new customer? Or any customer in fact!

Shocking attitude!
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Know how you feel, is it a 250 petrol by any chance? Took 4 dealer visits to sort mine, updated engine software first time(car 4 weeks old), fix lasted 3 weeks. Diagnosis next time said thermostat faulty so that was changed, this fix lasted 3 days. Another visit diagnosed previous fault so case raised with Mercedes when I mentioned rejecting car due to fault. Last visit was for new software from Mercedes, this took 2 hrs to instal, so far so good (4 weeks ago). The dealers at the last visit did say they had 2 other cases of the same problem on the same engine.
How disappointing, I have the same engine, fortunately no issues yet, do keep us updated
Seems to be an issue with the new emissions software to suit the new regs, numerous manufacturers having problems.
Yep it's the 250 petrol!

After much argument the manager of the assistance centre accepted the unacceptable attitude and agreed to send an engineer.

Arrived 4 hours later and had to update software which took a further hour and he wasn't confident it had completed!

My 5th Merc but currently not impressed
Hi guys me too 4 days old 250 Petrol engine light came up. It really worried me as first ever brand new car. Took it to Mercedes dealer they did a software update which took about an hour and I off I went has been fine for around 10 days now but what a silly system!
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