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engine revving noise

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Hello All -
I have a 2017 GLC300 that I took delivery in Oct 2016. For the past few months I have noticed a revving noise when driving, when idling and have heard even after shutting down engine for a few seconds. Is this normal or should I have it checked? It happens intermittently and I just don't recall if it was there before but I think not. Today while at a light, all seemed fine until the light turned green. When to accelerate and the car dinged and showed I was in Neutral, but no revving. Sounded like the engine was just shut down. Radio was still on and lights on dash but I could not get it to go into drive! I tried turning car off and on again with no response. after a few seconds (seemed like longer with honking cars) - Engine shifted into D and made my way to work. What is this?!? Can someone pls advise?
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Needs a trip to MB garage, they will read the faults off the car, and hopefully get it fix for you.
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