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I have a 2017 GLC 300 non coupe. I've had lots of problems with it in the 10 months I've had it:

  • Safety systems failures requiring a reload of the software on every single control module in the car. Germany is saying if the problems persist, all the modules will need to be replaced.
  • A reload of the software for the steering system to fix a steering wheel vibration at highway speeds
  • Transmission not shifting into gear from park; software update required to fix
  • Leaky rear main cankshaft seal; the seal had to be replaced
  • A leaky transmission line that had to be replaced
  • A leaky oil pan requiring replacement of the pan (had tiny pin-holes in it)
  • Clicking noises coming from inside the car when making tight turns at low speed. Dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose.
  • When the ignition is in accessory mode, and an engine start is attempted, it will crank for about a 1/4 second and stop. The engine does not start. Dealer hasn't been able to diagnose
Anyone else have lots of problems with theirs?
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